CZASOPISMO PSYCHOLOGICZNE, Tom 11, Nr 1, 2005, strona 21

Zawiść: istota i uwarunkowania

Joanna Piskorz
Studium Doktoranckie, Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Wrocław, Polska

Envy: its essence and determinants
In this article a review of knowledge on envy has been done. Envy has been an emotion rather neglected in psychological research. Selected concepts and research results concerning this emotion have been presented. Jealousy and envy, which are often commonly confused, have been distinguished. A relationship between envy and a sense of (in)justice has been characterized. Development, functions and origins of envy have been depicted along with its connection with self esteem.

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tagi: psychologia Poznań, Czasopismo Psychologiczne, Stowarzyszenie Psychologia i Architektura

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